Of course, naturally, this upset everybody.
Gunshots started going off, man.
The windows was exploding,
l heard screaming.

So, l run to my truck as fast as l can.
l mean, l run away because l was scared.
Chip Oswald says you hit him
over the head with a desk lamp.

No, he's mistaken.
He's mistaken. That was not me.
So, Rusty's got this desk lamp
and he's beating the hell out of Chip.

And, he's pounding him and pounding him.
Then l say:
''Rusty, that's not the kidnappers.
That's Chip!''

That's when the cops showed up
and they distracted everybody...

...and the kidnappers got away.
One final question.
Let's forget all this other crap.
Where is Miss Crock?
l don't know.
Who is Miss Crock?
Come on. Open your mouth.
Come on. You want some food, Blackie?
Eat some dinner.
Eat it, Blackie. lt's good. Look.
-Come on, Blackie.
-His name is Muffin.

lt is not Blackie.
Shut up!
The dog's name is what l say it is
until somebody takes you off my hands.

The sooner the better, Poopy.
The sooner the better!

-Yeah, go on!
-''Yeah, go on!''

That's my favorite TV program.
We're gonna watch it, Blackie.

This is it. Look at that. See that?
Hawaii Five-0.
-What have we got, Danno?
-Klaus Marburg. West German passport.

-How bad?
-How bad?

-Pretty bad. Went right through him.
-Any witnesses?

-Any witnesses?
-Yeah, lots of them.

-Only one shot?
-Only one shot?

Just one.
He was hitjust after
he stepped off the ramp.

Steve, take a look. Finished.