You II die
Hey, go to sleep!
Aren't you sleepy?
Don't you want to sleep?

I'm scared to sleep
When I close my eyes
and sleep, something really
heavy seems to crush my head

I push it away and away and away,
but it keeps bearing down

I can't avert my eyes
And so I don't sleep
I faint
But I like tomorrow coming
Because tomorrow...
You know what tomorrow is?
Your birthday, right?
Terrified to face the truth,
she rejects even sleep

Not that there is actual truth in
the ambiguity of human memory

Her best and only means
of survival depends on her

destruction and renewal of memory
Certainly many more days bear
forgetting than joyful commemoration

What is it that i want from her?
You'd better get some sleep
You're shooting again tomorrow...

the 10th day 21 days remain
Again, today, I record her image
Because I find in the act
of capturing her being

according to my own will, for my
own purpose, relief from my own life

lmages transform my
real past into fiction

Each of us edits and
alters our memories

By giving form and existence
to this process through images,