All right, l'll take it.
There's a reason for Tommy's newfound
enthusiasm for firearms.

Sooner or later, in unlicensed boxing,
you have to deal with that reason:

Brick Top.
lf that's not worth a bet,
l don't know what is.

-He doesn't look bad, does he?
-No, he looks great.

He'll do you proud.
You reckon that's what people should
do for me, Gary? Do me proud?

lt's what you deserve.
Pull your tongue out of my arsehole.
Dogs do that.
You're not a dog, are you?
No. No, l'm not.
:09:39 do have all the characteristics
of a dog, Gary.

All except loyalty.
It's rumoured that his favourite means
of dispatch involves a stun gun...

...a plastic bag, a roll of tape
and a pack of hungry pigs.

You're a ruthless little cunt, Liam.
l'll give you that.

But l got no time for grouses.
Feed him to the pigs, Errol.
What the fuck are you two looking at?
If you got to deal with him, just
make sure you don't end up owing him.

Then you're in his debt.
Which means, you're in his pocket.
And once you're in that,
you ain't ever coming out.

l hear he's a good fighter,
so l'll use him.

l'll be doing you a favour, boy.
What he means is,
I'm doing him a favour.

Because everybody knows nobody takes
a dive in my fights. Unlike his.

Here, Errol, l don't think
he likes me.

You don't like me, do you?
Don't know what you mean.
I do know I can't wait to get
out of here. It stinks.

My fights finish prompt so we can get
out before the authorities find out.

Play your cards right
and l'll sort you out.

You can sort me out by showing me out.
It's hard to make a living
in boxing, so now and then...