Bad Boy.

No, it's a moissanite.
A what?
A moissanite is an artificial
diamond, Lincoln.

lt's Mickey Mouse.
Not genuine.
And it's worth...
Bad Boy, l keep telling you,
stick to being a gangster.

Leave this game to me and Sol.
What is that, Vince?
This is a dog, Sol.
You are not bringing
that thing in here.

lt's only a fucking dog.
-Where'd you get it?
-The gyppos.

They threw it in with the moody gold.
You know gyppos, Sol. They're always
throwing dogs in with deals.

lt better not be dangerous.
What do you think you're doing now?
l want him to get used
to the shop, don't l?

Stop the dog!
Come back!
All right, Boris?
-Don't worry about the dog.
-l'm not.

What can l do for you?
l have a job for you.
l already have a job.
Fifty grand for half a day's work.
Go on.
l want you to hold up a bookies.
From Russia with love, eh?
l have stones to sell...
...fat to chew and many men
to see about many ducks...

:23:44 if l am not rushing you....
Slow down, Franky, my son.
When in Rome.

l am not in Rome, Doug.
l am in a rush.
l got to make the bookies.
-What are you betting on?
-Bomber Harris.