And l'm not talking about
his fucking foreskin.

l'm sure he can pay.
Not with my goods. Got a toothbrush?
We're going to London.

Do you hear that?
l'm coming to London!

-Shut up and sit down, you bald fuck!

l don't like leaving my own country...
...especially leaving it for anything
less than warm, sandy beaches...

...and cocktails
with little straw hats.

We've got sandy beaches.
So who the fuck wants to see them?
l hope you can appreciate the concern
l have for my friend Franky.

l'll find him,
and you'll help me find him.

And we'll start at that fight.
How am l gonna get it out?
lt will probably cough it up.
Will he be all right?
l hope not.
-Are we gonna rob this bookies?
-Yes, big man.

Why are we waiting?
We are waiting for a man with
four fingers, carrying a briefcase.

And why's that?
Because the deal is, the Russian
gets the case, we get the money.

What's in the case?
For fuck's sake, Tyrone, just
concentrate on the steering wheel.

-Private night tonight, chaps.
-l'm well aware of that, my son.

That's why we're here.
Well done. This is the back way in.
Oh, really?
l thought it was the front.

-Private night tonight, chaps.
-We know. That's why we're here.

Are we ever gonna get into this place?
Avi, Avi, you gotta understand.
This ain't exactly Vegas,
and this ain't exactly legal.

l'm not looking for Vegas
or for legal.

l'm looking for Franky.
l know that,
and he said he's gonna be here.

-lf there's gambling, he'll be here.
-Let's not have a fuck-up.

You won't let us down.
He's going down in the fourth,
don't you worry about that.