l've got a bare-knuckle fight
in a couple of days.

l want to use the pikey.
All right. Of course.
Of course, fucking of course.
l wasn't asking, l was telling.
But this time...
...l do want him to go down
in the fourth.

And l do mean it, this time.
Now, l know you come back here
to open your safe.

So now you can open it.
Turkish has been a busy
little bastard.

l think he's got away with enough.
Thinking can get you into trouble,
Errol. l shouldn't do so much of it.

That takes care of one little piggy.
Now find me the silly sods
who blagged the bookies.

Find them today.
Top of the morning
to you, Mrs. O'Neil.

You're a snake in the grass,
ain't you? Where'd they come from?

You're looking for my boy, are you?
-Do you know where l can find him?

Would you like
to share that information?

l don't want you getting
my boy into trouble.

He's my only boy.
And he's a good boy.

He's coursing.
What's coursing?
Hare coursing.
They set two lurchers--
They're dogs, before you ask.

On a hare.
And the hare has to outrun the dogs.