Sous le sable

No, you're just
in the process of fossilizing.

You should go to the gym with Marie.
Yes, come with me.
It'll do you good.

And jump around in loud tights
with a bunch of ladies?

Can you picture me, Vincent?
Not really, no.
You've got the wrong idea about gyms.
There's no need to wear tights.

You'd look cute in nice pair
of shorts.

You don't have to take a class.
There's always the weight room.
I should go,
I really need to build my muscles.

Where do you go?
A little gym a few stops
from my place, most mornings

before work.
My husband always says he's coming,
then backs out.

He's like you, Gérard,
not a big athlete.

But he promised me
he'd try to come
on Saturday mornings.

If you came with us, Gérard,
you wouldn't be alone.
You'd both be more comfortable.

With all the work you both have,
it's good to have a physical outlet.

Have you always been athletic?
When I was young, in England,
I was a competition swimmer.
Then I met my husband,
a real Frenchman
who loves good meals and fine wine.

More salad, Marie?
It's delicious.
I wish I had your cooking talent.

But you have other talents,
don't you?

Thanks, but don't bother.
I've got it.

Let me help.