Sous le sable

Your banker informs me
you are way overdrawn,

and can't access Jean's account.
- He said that?
- Yes.

You need a power of attorney.
As long as he is still missing,
his account will remain frozen.
In such cases,
it is necessary to wait 10 years

before a will can be...
Don't worry about it.
I'll speak to him.
Speak to who?
To Jean.
Who else?
Just because he travels
and works a lot...

Marie, be reasonable.
I'm only asking you to be careful,
don't spend too much.

Try to live on less as long
as things...

I appreciate your concern,
but don't worry.

I will handle everything.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for you.
I wanted to see you.

Are you free?
Well, yes.
I just finished a class.

May I take you out?
- Where?
- Wherever you like.

Your place?
You don't want to have lunch?

No, I'm not hungry.