Staplerfahrer Klaus - Der erste Arbeitstag

Well, Klaus,
here we go again.

What, it doesn't work?
Let me have a look,
I´m good with mechanical things.

One moment, Klaus.
Do you remember?

Maintenance and repair
may only be done

by technical specialists.
So don´t tamper
with the machine

and don´t let others
tamper with it either.

Oh, come on! Because of
such a little thing?

One doesn't even need to be
handy in order to fix this.

Thus, never try to repair
technical problems on your own.

Instead, tell your boss about
them so he can call an expert.

Well, the fork lift
truck is working again.

And on to the next order.
Right Klaus, when it
comes to slippery loads

it´s important to keep
them balanced on the fork.

But Klaus, don´t you think such load
needs to be secured to prevent it from

slipping off or falling off the fork?