Suzhou he

I hadn't had a job for some time...
...when he paged me and said
he had something special for me.
What do you want?
Your boss wants to see me.
Are you the boss ?
So you're the videographer.
Go ahead, sit down.
Two beers.
What I'm after
I'm pursuing that kind of...

The feeling I want is totally...
You get it, right?
It doesn't look special now...
I know.
let's see...
over here...
He rambled a long time
before I understood what he wanted.
He wanted me to shoot
his mermaid show
to help bring in customers.
I don't believe in mermaids...
but then I saw her...
Her name was Meimei.
She's the mermaid.
I fell in love the first time
I saw her in the water.

She gave me her pager number...
I could call her if I miss her.
I did call her...
...and we started going out.
Page 26089 twice please.
Tell her to come to Huang He Road
as soon as possible.