Suzhou he

The boss told me
that Mardar kept going to see
Meimei at the bar.
He went to her dressing room
after the show...

and told her all...
about Moudan and himself.
Every detail.
How Moudan like to wear
press-on tattoos of flowers
on her leg...

how she liked to paint her
fingernails blue.

The first time I saw her was
in front of her home

I went to pick her up
Every night,
And I saw her again...
the same story...
She brought the alcohol
and the her mermaid doll

I took her to a derelict building.
It had huge holes in the floor
and no toilet.

She was scared, I think.
The next day,
when I was about to set her free...

she asked me how much
we got for her.

I told her 45 thousand.
She ran off, shouting that
she was worth more than that.
I jumped into the river after
her but couldn't find her.

They never found her.
What did she look like?
Like you. But she always wore
her hair in two pony-tails

like a little girl.
And? What else?
And she had a press-on tattoo
on her left leg.