The 6th Day

No. You look much better
than when we met.

I love you.
Lock the door.
Oh, God.
Daddy! Daddy! Happy birthday!
You always make Daddy feel so good.
You're getting a little old for that.
I am not.
I meant your father.
-Very funny.
-Come on. I made you breakfast.

-Oh, great. I love it.
-Come on, Dad!

I can't find you. Where are you?
I'm right behind you, Dad.
Hiding under the table.
Because of shorter life spans,
these family members break our hearts.

Should accident, illness or age
end your pet's natural life...

... our genetic technology can have him
back the same day in perfect health...

... with zero defects, guaranteed.
Thanks to RePet.

Nacho-flavored or regular?
I'll take banana-flavored. Thank you.
I love this card. Beautiful.
Dad, can I have a Sim-Pal
for your birthday?

You want a gift on my birthday?
So you won't feel guilty
you're the only one getting something.

-What's a Sim-Pal?
-A life-size doll.

A make-believe friend
that grows real hair...

...and can do a lot of stuff.
Can't your real friends grow real hair
and do lots of stuff?

Yeah, but they all have Sim-Pals.
Ask your mommy.
You're the greatest, Dad.
Mommy! Mommy!
I'm gonna get a Sim-Pal!

You are getting low on milk.
Thank you for ordering milk.
You're getting so fast.
Into the car.
Very nice. Bye-bye.
See you.