The 6th Day

Perfect, both of you.
After this, I'm going to town
to test a chef and two waiters.

The pink copy of the charter contract
is yours.

I'll take the rest.
-Here we go.
-Have a nice flight, gentlemen.

I can take Drucker. That way,
you'll have time to get Oliver cloned.

I'm not getting the dog cloned.
I'm just gonna check it out.

I know, but once you see it,
you'll say yes.

Deep down inside, you're a softy.
They specifically asked for Adam
by name.

I know. I also know that the
bodyguards can't tell the difference.

They never got our names.
That's true.
Adam, I know I screw around a lot,
but when it comes to flying...

:15:46 know I'm serious.
I could do it.

Go enjoy your birthday.
If you want to be me, try to act
a little bit more manly.

Chest out. Stomach in.
There you are.

All right.
-All clear.
-I want the Speaker of the House.

Don't mention my name at all.
I'm Michael Drucker.
You must be Adam Gibson.

Adam's the name and flying's the game.
Pete Hume says you know the mountains
like nobody else.

That's probably true for everyone
except my partner.

I'm looking forward to it.
-We all set?
-We've stationed our people--

-Don't need the details.
-Yes, sir.

Your snowboard's behind your seat.
Dave, look, we gave a lot of money
to his campaign...

...not to mention what I pay
your law firm, so I'm counting on you.

Get me the Speaker.
Sally, who's next? Okay, put him on.