The 6th Day

Son of a bitch.
Hold my belt.
You got me?
Little more.
Get some people
to look for this guy!

Pick up Wiley and Talia's bodies
and get them to the lab.

I'm Dr. Griffin Weir. Welcome to the
new Weir Organ Transplant Facility.

Thanks for visiting
Replacement Technologies.

Doctor, protesters claim
that cloning human organs...

... will lead to cloning whole humans.
That's not only illegal, we're years
from the technology to do it.

A human was cloned over 1 0 years ago.
And we know the outcome
of that bizarre experiment.

If you recall, the Supreme Court
ordered the clone be destroyed...

...and I think that was
the humane thing to do.

It led to laws against
human cloning...

...and set back the course of
legitimate research by years.

Mr. Drucker! You gave--
This is Dr. Weir's night, okay?
Is it true you want to get
the 6th Day laws repealed?