The 6th Day

-You're dead.

You're dead.
Try to stay dead this time.
Hank, it's me again.
What happened to you?
I waited for half an hour at Kelly's.
It's now five past 7.
I'm heading home, okay?
He's fine. He's okay.
He's our associate.

Gibson must have knocked him out.
Knocked him out?
He looks dead to me, doc.

No. Pulse is strong.
He'll be up and around in no time.
We'll get him to the hospital.

Let us know if you find Gibson.
Honey, I'm home.
Darling, where are you?
Hi, sugar.
Hello, my love.
Have you been working out?
-You look so good.
-Thank you.

I recorded your sports programs.
Maybe we can watch them together.
I'd like that.
Or should I just take this off now?
No. Hold your horses.
Oh, Hank, I think it's so sexy
when you go right to the chair.