The 6th Day

What, what's going--?
Jesus! What are you gonna do?
Kill my cat?

What the hell is going on?
If you weren't at my party,
then you didn't see him.

Who's " him"?
Jesus H. Christ. I said
get your dog cloned, not yourself.

What are you going to do?
Take my life back.
You're going to kill him?
Why not? He's not real.
Plus, there's no law against it.

You're not serious.
I'm dead serious.
But look at him.
He looks just like you.

Technically, this could be
committing suicide.

But he's not me.
He's not even human.
Wait a second. How do I know
he's not you and you're not him?

Look at him.
He's even a shitty carpenter.

-Let me see your chin.
-My chin?

-You cut yourself shaving.

Okay, it's there. You're you.
I couldn't do it.
Over here.