The 6th Day

Stay calm.
Stay very, very calm.
What a night.
That was the longest night in my life.
Hello, Adam.
I'm a one-man Virtual Girl...
...but if you insert
the installation disk....

-What was that?

I felt fingers going for my zipper.
That's disgusting.

That's disgusting? I had to look away
when you and Natalie were--

The.... You want a beer?
You saw the clone do something
with Natalie.

They did nothing.
-That's not what I would have done.
-What would you have done?

I would have....
Well, that's what they did.
You know...nothing.

Shit. In the goddamn minivan.
In the minivan.
You know what tobacco does to people.
He smoked my stogie too?
The bastard.
That son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch smoked your stogie.
She couldn't tell it wasn't me?
It didn't look like it.
I mean, she seemed...

You have no idea what it felt like
seeing her with him.

I should have just killed him.
It could have been worse.
At least she's not cheating on you.

Don't move!
I'm not after you.
Back away.
Back away.
Why did you do that?
Don't do anything stupid, now.
That's as far as you go.

Is that you, Hank?