You read it? ln a book?
Yes, sir.
How far did you get in school?
Almost sixth grade, sir.
I guess they study law early
where you come from.

Sir, if I may speak frankly.

You underestimate the harm
someone like Bozz can do.

He's bad for the Army, sir.
CAPT. SAUNDERS: Everything's bad
for the Army these days. Even war.

Now drive your knee through his face.
Shove his brain through his ear. Good!

Thank you, sir.

What's your solution?
Shit-can him out of the Army?

Of course not. That's what he wants.
-Court-martial him.

I guarantee he'll snap shit then.
Sergeant, you know we won't
court-martial him.

It'll cost beaucoup dollars. . .
. . .and battalion will ask why I can't
keep one asshole trainee in line.

Five weeks from now,
he'll be in the war.

And he'll soldier then, by God.
Good or bad. Sure as shit.

Maybe not. Got Cantwell out.
Two other guys from his squad.

Every son of a bitch J.A.G. shrink
bleeding heart pissed down on us.

That's Bozz, sir.
X-ray vision for loopholes in the ARs.
Sergeant, we are losing a war.
The whole goddamn Army
is falling apart.

You want me to fiddle-fuck around
with one smart-ass barracks lawyer?

I think he's something more, sir.
-Is that all, sergeant?
-Yes, sir.

What the hell you doing, soldier?!
Goddamn it, Bozz!

You're supposed to strangle him,
not become his fuck buddy!

Yes, sergeant.