Under Suspicion

And until you have them...
I don't want him
retained officially.

Don't tell me you already--
Five minutes ago.
I thought he might take off.

He has to make his toast!
Bring him here.
No uniformed officer.
No restraint of any kind.
See to it...
Well, this is nice.
A little alone time.
You know, I like you, Henry.
Can you believe it?
A couple of girls strangled, raped.
And yet you maintain
a sense of humor about it.

Raped and strangled.
You said ''strangled and raped.''
I wouldn't know, especially...
but these things should
be put in their proper order.

Don't you agree, Detective?
Do you call to them?
What do I know?
Could be the poor kids,
they lured you...

off into the woods
and seduced you.

It happens.
You sound obsessed.
You like this sort of thing.
I'm just curious.
I'm curious how you operate.
these little girls-- I bet they run
like rabbits, don't they?

Come on.
Tell me about it.

What do you do?
Touch 'em?
You touch 'em like that?

What, did that hurt?
You hurt 'em, don't you?
The little girls.