April the 10th, 1671.
Monsieurle Prince de Condé...
His Majesty gives me reason to believe
that he would graciously accept an...

invitation to vislt you at Chantilly.
The visit will last three days.

The king instructs me to say that
he wants no fuss.

Merely the simple pleasures
of life in the country.

I not her words, if you value His
Majesty´s favor,you will set no limlt...

to the extravagance and
ingenulty of festivities.

I´ll present my self before hand
to approve the arrangements.

Marquis de Lauzun...
in the service of His Majesty
Louis the 14th,of France.

My dear Master Steward,
Monsieur Vatel.

Good new sand bad news.
His Majesty arrives
on Thursday.

I can´t emphasize enough
the importance ofhis visit.

A dropped wine glassor
an uncomfortable cushion...

would spell disaster
to ourentire province.

The good news is that we may
go to war with Holland.