No. I won't have you
disturbed, Vatel.

You haven't slept
for aweek as it is.

Have that cleaned.
The first day,
the glory of the sun...

the bounty of Nature.
Trees, birds, butterflies...
fruits and flowers.
The second day, on the lake.

The sun banishes the night.
The lamps are on their way
from Paris now.

For Friday, the fish banquet will be
presented in asea of ice.

Neptune's tribute to Helios,
the Sun God.

-The King will catch a cold.
-No, my Prince...

the braziers will be lit
one hour before the banquet.

And the ice will melt.
I have forbid it to melt,
my Prince.

Well, our fate is in your hands.
There is always a reason
behind a royal visit.

And the reason for this one
is William of 0range...

king of Holland, who wants war.
And if he gets it,Louie is going
to meet the best general in France...

that many people think
is none other...

than the Prince de Condé,
even withgout.

Compared to this visit
from the king...

war with the Dutch
will seem like a picnic.

-Thank you!
-How can I help you?