I'm asteward, not a pimple.
Monsieur Vatel!
The Princess has been bitten
by a monkey!

Master Steward, you filled my garden
with savage beasts!

I've been badly bitten.
Where were you?

Busy, Your Highness.
We had some unwelcome visitor.

-No, no. Creditors!

Dr. Bourdelot!
I've been badly bitten
on the arm.

Oh, no!
-What 's your name?
-François Vatel, Madame.

Monsieur Vatel.
You were at Vaux-le-Vicomte
ten years ago.

Yes, Madame.
I was steward to Nicolas Fouquet.

His Majesty's Minister of Finance.
You mean, His Majesty's prisoner
for life in the fortress of Pignerol.

-That is so?
-Six thousand guests...

to meet the King.
Diamonds and saddle horses given
away as prizes in childish games.

That was overdoing it,
don't you think?

It showed how much
Fouquet had been stealing.

Gourville, why has the King
really come here?

It's revenge. The King will
never forget that Condé...

fought against him
in the civil war.

That was a long time ago.
The King was a child.