What Planet Are You From?

...that experienced
the same turbulence.

Harold Anderson was
on all these flights.

Explain that, and you won't hear
any more from me about this subject.

It's too small. Try raising
your hands over your head.

How often do you raise your hands
higher than this?

-It's perfect.
-No, I'll exchange it.

Your turn. I got you a present.
Open it.
All right.
The crib!
This is the one I wanted.
This one's for the baby, but maybe
you can both squeeze into it.

Oh, God.
What's wrong?
I'm being ripped apart!
It's okay. Hang on.
Stop driving so fast.
-I thought you wanted me to hurry.
-I do, but slow down!

-Is this pain normal?

This pain is normal.
That's a good sign.

Shut up, asshole!
She's fine.
-They're not home.
-The Andersons?

They're at the hospital
having their baby.

I love babies.
Shit. Which hospital?
She told me a couple of weeks ago.
-It's a woman's name.

St. Agnes!
No, wait. That's my name.
It was St. Agatha's.