What Planet Are You From?

Hi, Liz. Alison.
-He's fine.
-You bastard!

He's fine.
Oh, God.
Do you have any idea...
...what I've been through
in the last two days? Any clue?

I'm sure it's been awful.
That's why I brought him back.

How could you take him?
How could you do this?

-How, Harold?
-I didn't.

-Then who did?
-Not me.

Why would I expect you to tell
the truth at this point?

How sick am l?
Would you take him?
I'll be right there.
I have to know
how you could do this to me.

-How, Harold?
-I'll tell you the truth.

-All right.
-I will.

I can wait. Go ahead.
I'm an alien from another planet.
I was sent here to impregnate
a woman, then go back.

Graydon, the leader, came
and took the baby without telling me.

So I stole the baby back.
And now I'm here.
Is there any way we can start over?

Is there a history of
mental illness in your family?

I care about you.
-Our son should be with his mother.
-This is my son.

This is my son. This is not our son.
There's no " us" anymore,
so there can't be any "our."

I'm calling the police now.
-I can prove I'm an alien.

I can make a bright light
come out of my nose.