When the Sky Falls

It's great stuff.
I'm gonna box it in page one,
run it in seven.

What have you got for me
next week?

That heroin shipment
that came through Cork Harbor.

- That's a dead story.
- It is not a dead story.

They hauled the shipment,
but they never got
the people behind it, did they?

Not the guys
making the serious cash.

Not the smack baron sitting with
his arse in a bucket of cream.

That's what we want
to read about.

You get me a story
even vaguely like that,

and I'll dance over them tables
bollock naked.

I'm out this door
and I'm selling tickets.

( phone rings )
That's all. Back up.
On your way.

Move over there, please.
- Seamus, what's the story?
- Get your own shagging story.

They'll probably give her
a bigger photo than the corpse.