When the Sky Falls

I'm just
a Sunday newspaper tart.

You and I both know
you're the only thing

of substance
on that paper.

- That doesn't matter.
- Nobody is gonna do what you do.

U nfortunately.
You're supposed
to tell me to quit!

Then quit.
There, I told you.

Have you any idea
how much I need you?

- Yes, I do.
- Oh.

Listen, this O'Fagan fellow--
Be careful.
H e's dangerous.
What's that all about?
What's what all about?
You shot your gob off
to that bitch, didn't you?

She just landed on me.
It's just a load
of shite, anyway.

Keep her on our side,
make her feel important.

She doesn't have anything
substantial from me.

She does now!
What were you thinking about,
you fucking shirt lifter?

How did she find out
that the Rave Club ownership

is in my wife's name?
- I didn't give her that stuff.
- Somebody did,

and something's got to be
done about it.

You better sort it out,

I'm not going
back to prison.

Do you hear me?
N ever.
- Two to you.
- H uh?

I've got those.
Nobody fucking moves !