Wo hu cang long

They're gone!
What does it say?
"We'll settle this at midnight
on Yellow Hill."

Good! The fox is out of her hole!
Shu Lien, look who's here.
Sir Te believes it's a ploy
to cast suspicion on Governor Yu.

But something is going on
at the Yu household.

What have you discovered?
Jade Fox?
You'd always suspected
she'd fled to the West.

I didn't think she'd dare
come back to Peking!

Is there any place safer
than under the nose of Governor Yu?

So I shall avenge
my master's death after all.

Be careful.
Sir Te requires discretion.
Official business
is difficult enough.

Don't let personal feelings
make it worse.

And I don't know...
even this poster...

could be some sort of trap.
Did you see who posted it?
It says Fox is hiding at Yu's.
On the night of the theft
there was a brawl near Yu's.

Were you involved?
It was Bo, Sir Te's man.
I hear he followed the thief
to the Yus'.

Have you questioned him yet?
No, not yet...
But your men are watching over
Yu's compound?

No, I'd already sent them home.
You can blame me
for losing the sword,

but please trust
that I'll get it back soon

using my own methods.
That's not what I meant.
I don't care about the sword.