which enables him
to heal rapidly.

This also makes his age
impossible to determine.

He could very well
be older than you, Professor.

- [ Cyclops ] Who did this to him?
- He doesn't know.

Nor does he remember anything
about his life before it happened.

on mutants.

[ Sighs ]
It's not unheard of.

But I've never seen
anything like this before.

[Cyclops] What do you think
Magneto wants with him?

I'm not entirely sure
it's him Magneto wants.

[Bird Cooing]
Toad has a wicked tongue, Senator.

Just like you.
Who are you people?
Where's Henry?

Mr. Guy rich has been dead
for some time, Senator.

But I've had Mystique here
keep you company.

She takes
so many shapes.

Whatever you do to me,
you'll make me right.

Every word I've spoken
will be confirmed.

Are you a God-fearing
man, Senator?

That's such
a strange phrase.

I've always thought
of God as a teacher,

as a bringer of light,
wisdom and understanding.

You see, I think
what you really are afraid of is me.

Me and my kind.
The Brotherhood of Mutants.

Though it's not
so surprising, really.

Mankind has always feared
what it doesn't understand.