Care to press your luck,

[ Guns Cocking ]
- I don't think I can stop them all.
- [ Grunting ]

Still unwilling
to make sacrifices.

That's what
makes you weak.

Good-bye, Charles.
- You said he wanted me.
- I made a terrible mistake.

His helmet was somehow designed
to block my telepathy.

I couldn't see what
he was after till it was too late.

- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna find her.

- How?
- The traditional way. Look.

Logan, you can't
do this alone.

Who's gonna help me? You?
So far you've all done a bang-up job.

Then help us.
Fight with us.

Fight with you?
What, join the team? Be an X-Man?

Who the hell do you think you are?
You're a mutant.

The whole world out there is full
of people that hate and fear you.

And you're wasting your time
trying to protected?
I got better things to do.

You know, Magneto's right.
There's a war coming.