A Beautiful Mind

Mathematicians won the war.
Mathematicians broke the
Japanese's codes

and built the atom bomb.
Mathematicians... like you.
The stated goal of the Soviets
is the global communists.

The medicine or economics.
ln techonology or space.
Battlelines are being drawn.
To try on, we need results.
applicable results.

Now who among you would
be the next Morse...

the Einstien.
Who among you would be the
Van Gogh of democracy, freedom...

Today we bequeath the Americans
future into your able hands.

Welcome to Princeton, Gentlemen.
ls not enough that Hansen won
the Conesky scholarship?

No, he has it all for himself.
This is the first time the
Carniment prize hasn't been split.

He has got his sight set on
Wheeler Lab.

the new military think that
he could done it in MlT.

They are only taking one this year.
Hansen used to be pick first.
He is wasted on that. He should
be running for president...