A Beautiful Mind

That could be a mathematic.
l bet your tie is.
Thank you.
Nelson, symbol-creeptography.
Nel's here broke the Jap code.
Help with the world efficient.

These are what he tells
the girls things.

My name is Bender, atomic physics.
And you are...
Am l late?
Yes, Mr Sow.
Hi, Sow. Richard Sow.
Ahh... the burden of genius.
There he is.
So many supplicants in so
little time, Mr Sow

Congratulations, Mr Hansen.
Thank you.
l'll take another.
Excuse me.
l seem presume you are the waiter.
Play nice, Hansen.
An honest mistake.
Well, Martin Hansen.
lt is Martin, isn't it?
Oh, it is, John. lt is.
l imagine you are getting quite
used to miscalculation.

l have read your preference.
Both of them.
One on the Nazish assignment.
And one on the non-mainly occasion.
And l am supremely confident that
there is none of a single seminar innovative.

l don't need anyone of them.
EnJoy your punch.
Gentlemen, meet John Nash.
The mysterious
West Virginia genius.

The other winner of distinguish
Conesky Scholarship.

Of course.