A Beautiful Mind

My begging is try to
show some promise.

lf you could Just arrange
another meeting if you be kind off...

Professor Einstein,
l would be complete if...

No, John.
l'm willing to show them.
My efficient is...

John! John!
Do you see what are they
doing in there?

lt's the pens.
Reserve for the member of department

who make the
achievement for the life time.

Now what do you see, John?
Well, try seeing an accomplishment.
ls there a difference?
John, you haven't focus.
l'm sorry. But after these point,
your record doesn't won
any placement at all.

Good day.
l can't see it....
Jesus Christ, John.
l can't fail.
This is all l have.
Come on. Let's go out.
John... John, that's enough.
Does't mess that out.
Come on. Go bust your head.
Do it. Go bust your head.