A Beautiful Mind

There is something...
that we can't weight.
Don't worry. lt is mine.
lncoming, gentlemen.
Nash, can you stop answering
your papers for 5 seconds?

l will not buy you gentlemen beer.
We are not here for beer,
my friend.

Now l feel a bit slow motion.
Would she want a large wedding?
Have you remember of nothing?
We call the lessons
of Adam Smith.

Father of modern economics.
ln competition. lndividuals and
vision serve the common good.

Every man for himself, gentlemen.
Those who strike out
would step with their friends.

l am not going to strike out.
You can lead the blonde water
but you can't make a drink.

No body move.
She is looking over here.
She is looking at Nash.
Oh, God.
l did't have the Abraham
awakes until he opens his mouth.

Adam Smith needs for pigeon.
What are you talking about?
For all of you who go
for the blonde.

They block each other. Not a
single one of us could get her.

So we go to her friends.
But they will all give
us a cold-shouder,

cause no body like to be
a second choice.

No one goes to the blonde.
We don't get each others way.
And we don't insult
the other girls.