A Beautiful Mind

Professor Nash.
William Patcher.
Big brother... of natural service.
What can l do for the
Department of Defense?

Are you getting me raise?
Let's take a walk.
lmpressive work at the Pentagon.
Yes, it was.
l used to see genius see
the answer before the question.

This proJect was under
my supervision.

Which proJect?
That proJect.
lt's not that simple,
you know.

Were you under the war?
We incinerate it. 1 50,000
in a heart-beat.

Great dids come with great
cost, Mr Patcher.

Conviction turn out as the
luxuries for those in the sideline

l'll try keep that in mind.
So, John. No family,
no close friends.

Why is that?
l like to think because
l'm alone wolf.

But mainly is because people
don't like me.

Well, there are certain
reason that

you're lack of connection
with people

would be consider
as an advantange.

This is secured.
They know me.
Do you ever been here?
l was told this warehouse
is abandoned.

That's not precisely accurate.