A Beautiful Mind

Terrify, modify, petrify,
stupidfy by you.

Thanks, professor.
Have a nice day.
See you.
Professor Nash.
Can you see him?
Are you sure?
How is he?
Forgive me. l'm Just always
suspicious in old people.

See you next week, professor.
See you next week.
So now that l know you are real.
Who are you and what
can l do for you?

Professor, my name
is Thomas King.

And l am here to tell you
that you've been considered
to the Nobel Prize.

Look at me. l'm Just a little stun.
Over the past few years,
your equal liberty

has become a corner stone
of modern economics.

Suddenly everybody Just
about to like that one.

What about my work in
some other proJect?

Some mathematic?
The application of your
bargaining problem to F.C.C.

banned with auctions or
to any trust cases...

Trust cases?
l never would have
princip on that.

l Just lead some honesty
to some stupidity.

No, you haven't.
l would never had
thought about that.

Shall we have tea?
l don't go in there.
l usually Just take my
sandwich in the library.

Come on, John.
Let's have some tea.

lt's a big day.
Most commercial have my tea
in the palette.

There was some northern
lndian tea,