You gotta fall down 'cause that's
the onlyway the mummy could catch you.

Way to go, champ!
- Yeah, you the greatest.
- Thankyou, brother. Thankyou.

- I'll seeyour next fight.
- You'll see the next one?

- Oh, yeah.
- Well, you better get there very early.

You better get there very early
'cause that man's going down.

Ifhe talk a littlejive,
he's going down in five.

He talk a little more,
I might drop him in four.

Ifyou wanna have more fun,
do it in round one.

Oh, yeah. Hold on.
I'm doing the rhymin'.

The people really look up toyou. You
plan on being a champ likeJoe Louis?

Well, yeah, I'm gonna be
the people's champ.

Not likeJoe Louis.
Well, you know, not exactly.

My name is not Clay.
Clay is the name ofthe people
that owned my ancestors...

and I no longerwanna be called
by that slave name.

- I am Cassius X.
- Minister Malcolm.

What about the divisions
in the Nation oflslam?

This is the champ's time. I'm here
as a friend to support his victory...

so I have nothing you want.
I'm definitely gonna be
the people's champion...

but I just ain't gonna be the champ
the wayyou want me to be the champ.

I'm gonna be the champ
the way I wanna be.

...fornohomeis immune
to termites...

nomatterhow well

- Hey, brother.
- I was leaving.

I sawyour light on.
Whatyou doing up at this hour, champ?