There is no second place.
It has been suggersted
by the media and congress..

that you're violating antitrust laws, and
treathening competition

Mr. Winston, Can you reasonably deny that
you have a monopoly in this area ?

Well, the only monopoly...
we have at N.U.R.V,
is monopoly on excellence.

It is still a free market.
But a free market encourages competition
You prevent it

You don't need to remind you the essence
of competition is always been quite simple,

Any kid working in a garage anywhere
in the world with a good idea can put us out of business

Let's try a communication scheme
if you have a good driver..

Move, move
Teddy, I think I have found
our bottle neck

You did it !

God! That feels good
We're geeks
Three months from today,
N.U.R.V will launch Synapes

transforming the way
humans communicate,

With Synaps,
the entire world will be able
to send or receive

any message in audio, video
and text or any medium

any medium, any medium, ...
SYNAPSE will fullly unite
the global village.

You set yourself real ticking clock here, Gary
All of your competitor are desperate to get
to the market place with this technology before you.

It has even been suggested that you won't hit
this very ambitious launch date

We're going to hit that date,
you can bet on it

How can you be sure?
We'll do whatever it takes
to get there