Apsolutnih sto

This is Mr. Runda, new
shooting gallery's owner.

Well, what can I say...
I'm pleased to be
among Champions.

Until now marksmanship
depended on your devotion.

You didn't have
the right support.

But now I'll help you
to achieve better results.

That will demand commer-
cialization of the Gallery,

so I'm asking for
your support.

You will practice
till two p.m.

Afterwards, those
who pay.

But the most important
thing is

that membership
will stay the same.

Sasa? Wait!
Runda wants to see you.
-ln some other life.

Igor sold the Gallery,
but it's not our business.

You have a Championship
in 30 days in France

and very good chances.
-What am I supposed to do?

Crawl to your Runda?
First of all,
he's not mine.

Second, he's not to blame
for purchasing the Gallery.

Third, we have to
practice in here.

You're right.
See you tomorrow.
What's this?