Apsolutnih sto

Is there something
wrong with me?

You'll have to finish it,
it's after two. -So what?

Please! That's the deal,
at least for now.

Just let me finish
the training session.

Better see Runda, he'll
give you better conditions.

But you must show
some good will.

They say you'll be
better than your brother.

Fuck, I wasn't fortunate
in sports.

I've tried boxing, handball.
People like team sport.

I'm boring you?
You didn't like
my speech yesterday?

Brother didn't tell him
he have sold the Gallery.

He didn't tell you?
-Sasa... -Hey!

He can speak for himself.
There is only one problem.
-Yes? -The schedule.

I told you. Sasa's National
Champion in Junior league.

I know. -He's preparing
for the World Championship.

-He must practice more.

Of course. 90, 95% of
success is in practice.

We'll think of something.
No, you stay. Look...