Apsolutnih sto

Good morning, neighbor!
What is it now?
Whom have I killed now?

Give me the rifle! -What?
-Search the place!

Don't fuck with me,
where is the rifle?

I sold it. -To whom?
-A friend. -Name! -Neske.

Your hands!
You! Come here.
Now you're really fucked.
Take him away.
Where were you last night?
-With a friend, at a party.

Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Oh yes, you never lie.
We haven't found a thing.
Get dressed, you're
coming with us. -Nothing.

You said you were there
around eleven thirty?

And stayed till...?
-Three thirty.

You were together the
whole time? -I think...

Don't think!
Don't think!

We were not together
the whole time.

Where was Sasa?
-At the party.

But you said you were
not together... -He's lying.

I think...
-Don't think.

I was talking to a girl.
Sasa was mingling.
-Don't lie.

Why would I lie?
-Don't lie!