Apsolutnih sto

Can someone back up
your story?

Everyone at the party.

People who know him.

If you are lying,
your fucked. Understand?

You're fucked!
Go clean yourself.
You can go.
Your friend confirmed
your story.

Sit down.
Now you can go.
Sit down.
I have a stomach ache.
We just received your
approval for France.

Our Association will pay
all the expenses.

We have to send your
passport, for visa.

There is one more thing.
It's not good news.

We have a new owner.
Nice man.

He'll allow us to practice
till you're here.

Then he'll turn this
into a pool room.

It doesn't pay off to
keep a shooting gallery.

Money is in poker strips.
-Where will we go?

You'll go to another team,
everyone wants you.

Don't worry about me.
Third thing... Igor.

We watched the game
and I left around midnight.