The money I've still got is
for the Afghan workers.

Iranian workers are
more important than Afghans!

My God,
in life you must be fair.

They come every day
all the way from Kan Sulerun.

They work more than Iranian
workers for much less money.

Look at poor Najaf
who fell today.

He is laid up at home
with broken bones.

Now in all conscience:
To whom should I give the money,
to them or to you?

To us!
Enough! You're hopeless!
Please stop speaking Turkish.
Speak Farsi so I can answer you!

Okay for Farsi! Do you know
what it means to have feelings?

-If you have feelings...
-No, you don't know.

:07:41 give each worker
his daily wage or a contract.

-So, you want a contract?

Okay, now take this money,
and you this

and get the hell out of here.
Now what?
When will you give me
some money?

Your wife and kids are starving?
Your wife wants a divorce?
Your money is safer with me
than in a bank...

and I also give you
pocket money.

I'd prefer
to take care of it myself.

Kid, you think you're smart,
don't you? Sit down!

Okay, take it, kid.
Come on, take it!
When I said you're not smart,
that's what I mean.

What do you wanna do
with this money?

Take this
and it's already too much.

You're young. You're a kid.
You aren't able
to make any savings.

Now, go and get the fuel
to fill up the lamps.

Memar, that's a bill to settle.