Bellini e a Esfinge

- Finally!
- Where's Lobo?

At Rafidjian's clinic.
- What happened?
- The case is over.

- How did they know about us?
- Our names were in his files.

- What time was the crime committed?
- 1:30 p. m.

Repeated blows against the skull.
- His secretary found the body.
- Where was she at the time?

- Lunch break.
- Fingerprints?

Not on the weapon.
After he died, his eyes were
sadistically drilled.

"B" and "S"?
Just "B".
- "B" and "S"?
- Blood and semen.

They're common
in such violent crimes.

He was wildly beaten before dying.
In more than 20 years,
I'd never seen...

a murder committed with an umbrella.
Dr. Boris! The witness will talk.
All right, Mrs. Glaucia.
You said you weren't
here at the time of the murder.

No, I was out for lunch as usual.
I usually leave around 1:OO p. m.
But you just called us at 3 p. m.
Precisely today
you took more time for luch?

I mean, yes...
I'm sorry, you got me confused.
Go on, please.
On Thursdays he used to give me
one extra hour in the afternoon.

He spent that time reading since
there weren't many clients.

- The murderer knew about it.
- Probably.