Bellini e a Esfinge

What time did you
come back, anyway?

I think it was...
around 2:O5 p. m. Or so.
When I arrived, the door was open...
and then I saw the...
Let's make a break. We'll continue
at the police station.

Funny. Both of them look like Ana
Cintia, but they don't look alike.

Go to the funeral tomorrow.
Get as much information as you can.

There are many unanswered questions.
Who's Ana Cintia?
Who killed the doctor?

The guy who followed me that night.
You never know what comes next.
- Are those the doctor's relatives?
- Yes, a very conservative family.

The priest is the doctor's brother.
Next to him is Sofia Rafidjian,
the widow.

Back there you see
Constanzza Bogossian...

Mr. Bogossian's daughter.
According to what we know so far...

he was the doctor's best friend.
- Who's the lady at the back?
- That's Ismália...

the governess. She's been
with the family for 20 years.

The other lady's our
good old friend, Mrs. Glaucia.