Bellini e a Esfinge

What was the deal between
the Chilean and that doctor?

Don't mix the merchandise.
That information's way too expensive.
You're not in that league.

I came here for fun,
not for business.

Son of a bitch! Nobody'll give a damn
if I blow your brains right here.

- Why did you kill the doctor?
- I told you, it wasn't me.

Who was it, then?
It must've been his loverboy.
His what?
The doctor was queer.
He was always cruising,
looking for a big dick.

Who was his lover?
That old fag was all kissy-huggy
with the Chilean guy.

"The Indian"?
Of course, dammit!
- Where's he now?
- I don't know!

Ask those fucking ass peddlers!