-What's this?
-Your statement. How it was all yours.

The cocaine was for
personal use.

None ofthe guests had
any idea it was there.

Yeah, right.
I want my kid out of protective
custody. Now. No fucking around.

My wife and my daughter on
a plane tonight.

I sign this when
I know they're safe.

-No fucking way.
-Well, fuck you. I sign nothing, then.

Do it.
-One more thing.

Get me a six-pack.
Yeah, right.
There was no wayin the world
I was going back to prison.

So lsigned the deal,
took the rap andposted bail.

Once again, I would become
a fugitive on the run.

-Hi, Dad.
-Hello, George.

Ermine, your son is here.
Tell him I don't want to see him.
Tell him he's not welcome here.
-Don't ya dare step foot in this house.

You're not my son. You hear me?
I don't have a son anymore.
She's angry, George.
It's been all over the news.

I just wanted let you guys know...