Blow Dry

our hometown has been chosen
to host- -

wait for it- -
this year's
British Hairdressing Championships.

Come again?
This year's
British Hairdressing Championships.

l'm sorry.
lt does that sometimes.

Well, is that it then? Hairdressing?
Hold the back page, lads.

- Now, lads.
- That's just crap.

Come on, boys. This competition's
gonna change the face of this town.

Ungrateful bastards.
You'll be sorry.

Tony, can anyone enter?
No. Professionals only.
l am a professional.
Time to wake up, love.
How many times?
Bloody dirty boots downstairs.

- Tea.
- ln the pot.

Good luck, love.
- No, not a chance, Tony.
- Come on, Phil, lad.

- Chance to add to the silverware.
- No.

You're joking me.
You're not gonna enter?
King of the bloody scissors.

Mr. Numero Uno.
Keep still, will ya?
l'll have your ear off.

And you needn t look
so bloody interested.

Well, l can t help hearing, can l?
lt's team cutting, you know.
Think of it, Phil.