Blow Dry

l can't, you soft lass.
You're dripping all over me.

- Sorry.
- Come on.

Don't give in on the bugger.
l already have, Daisy.
You most certainly have not,
young lady.

Listen, l' ve had a long time
to think about dying.

And there's only one good thing
knowing you're on your way,

and that's sorting it all out.
I never had a chance with Harry.
One minute,
he were feeding the cat. . .

and smelling up the kitchen
with his home brew.

And the next minute,
he just weren't. Gone.

l never said good-bye.
All them little ends
l never tied up.

So, my dear, you've tied up
all your ends, have you?

Absolutely, Daisy.
l've got an ex-husband
who hasn't talked to me in ten year,

a son who's embarrassed
to be in the same town as me,

let alone the same room,
and a girlfriend who thinks the only
problem we've got this year. . .

is what color to paint the salon.
Yeah, l d say l' ve pretty much
tied the ends up now.

Well, you'd better get
a bloody move on then, hadn't you?

Oh, bloody fantastic.
- Where'd you get it from?
- Leeds Train Station.

They re having a refit.
Cheap, but it works all right.

Oh, it's good.
lt's very good.

Thanks, lads.
See you later.

All right, Shelley.
Brings it all back, does that.
Hair By Night were my favorite
when l were modeling.