Blow Dry

whose combs mysteriously
do not wilt, do not melt,

just carry on styling.
No prizes for guessing
who took the medals that year.

You can't have forgotten that,

Nope. Can't remember 1982.
We've moved on a bit since then.

Thanks, love.
Most of us, anyway.

Yeah, the combs. lt s a fix,
we know. Thanks for calling.

Just 'cause something's fixed,
don't mean you can't break it.

Get your coats on.
- What's he doing?
- He's the plant.

Ray spends three hours tonight
getting it perfect,

and then Julie Andrews there
pretends to cut it tomorrow,

twenty minutes flat.
But it's picked out of a hat.
How's Louis supposed to
end up with him if it's random?

Their team's
not in the hat, though, is it?

lt's in your man's pocket.
Come the selection, he dips his hand
in the hat and abracadabra,

Louis gets the carrottop.
Nice, Raymond.
Very nice.

- Watch it.
- Christina.

- Yeah?
- Cheer up, we're winning.

Now what we need here
is just the slightest tint,

so subtle, you'd never know
it were colored.

Easy after your last assignment.
He's still alive.

- ls this in the rules?
- lt s in my rules.