Burnt Money

Nene was there, staring.
Just now?
At me?
I told you he was a fag.

You think
all good-looking guys are fags.

Wait a minute.
Don't underestimate me.

I have a good ass too,
remember that.

Go on, call him.
You'd like a threesome,
you little slut.

Yes, yes...
Easy, easy.
Did I say something?
You want to know the latest?
We're terrorists.
Says who?
Chancho Aguirre,
on the radio.

This gang acts
like a secret

my dear journalist.

Everyone is interviewing him!
Commissioner this,

Commissioner that...
Nene says they were set up,
that they nearly got killed.
He's covering up.
We'll have trouble
because of him, he knows it.

He's screwed it,
he's scared of us.

- He should pay.
- You suggest we turn them in?

We can also kill them.
Who's going to kill them? You?
It's no good.
It's out of Aguirre's hands.
He'll have to kill us.
All of us.